What can you do to protect yourself from hackers?

So, you have downloaded Bitcoin Code and have started accumulating your bitcoins in a digital wallet.¬† How much are you aware of the risks and security loopholes in this enticing cryptocurrency world. Can you say with confidence that you are cybertheft-safe? if not, then read on to protect your bitcoins from being snatched away from […]

Bitcoin trading is not difficult

With the ongoing advancements in technology and science, it is a matter of time before we accept cryptocurrencies into our daily lives. ¬†Several leading banks and corporates are entering the race and this has heated up things. The future of cryptocurrencies is definitely bright. So, if you are one of those who believes in being […]

Strategies Used For Forex Trading

The foreign exchange trading strategy is nothing but the method used by traders who trade currency pairs. They make use of this technique to figure out whether this currency must be sold or bought at that particular time. Similar to any other trading strategy, this is also based on news events, analyzing charts, technical analysis, […]

Vol 4 (2007)

Deciding the fate of disputed embryos: ethical issues in the case of Natallie Evans Anna Smajdor If you are wondering where the matter of ethics comes into the field of science know that there is a lot of scepticism when it comes to the acceptance of new technologies. Take robotics for example or even the […]

Vol 3 (2006)

Clinical applications and limitations of current ovarian stem cell research: a review Karla J Hutt, David F Albertini Even the most popular technologies that exist now have some limitations that you should be aware of. Knowing about the limitations would help you avoid all the associated risks. And the knowledge about the limitations would also […]

Perinatal outcomes of vitrified human

Abstract Little is available on perinatal outcome of cryopreserved day-7 blastocyst transfer. In the present report, perinatal outcomes for transfers of cryopreserved blastocysts by a vitrification method were examined with respect to the day of blastocyst expansion among on day 5, 6 or 7 before cryopreservation. 263 cycles of vitrified-warmed blastocyst stage embryo transfer performed […]

The trading field is all yours

Trading is not just about the money making process which is how it is thought of as by many traders. There is a wrong understanding among many traders that this is a very simple and very beneficial field which always results in profits and earnings. And confirming this fact many of the trading software promise, […]

An insight into automation

Automation is not more science fiction limited to Sci-Fi movies and books; today science has advanced so much that we are talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) transforming the way we live. It is only recently that automation has started gaining a foothold in the world of finance and that is the reason we are seeing […]