Comparison of selected cryoprotective agents

Vol 7 (2010): 4
Comparison of selected cryoprotective agents to stabilize meiotic spindles of human oocytes during cooling

Dunsong Yang, Kevin L Winslow, Kevin Nguyen, Daniel Duffy, Michael Freeman, and Talha Al-Shawaf

Vol 7 (2010): 3
A population based economic analysis of cross-border payments for fertility services in Luxembourg

Christopher A Jones, Louis G Keith, Valery Bocquet, Jacques Arendt, Jean Smit, Guy Berchem, and Marie-Lise Lair

Vol 7 (2010): 2
Hyaluronan binding assay (HBA) vs. sperm penetration assay (SPA): Can HBA replace the SPA test in male partner screening before in vitro fertilization?

Jelena Lazarevic, Maria Wikarczuk, Stephen G Somkuti, Larry I Barmat, Jay S Schinfeld, Scott E Smith

Vol 7 (2010): 1
Setting the stage for novel public policy and fiscal impact studies regarding the impact of in vitro fertilisation: An introduction

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David J Walsh, Anthony P H Walsh

Vol 6 (2009): 7
Screening for Y-chromosome microdeletion in a population of infertile males in Gaza Strip-Palestine

Ashraf J Shaqalaih, Masood S Abu Halima, Mohammed J Ashour, Fadel A Sharif

Vol 6 (2009): 6
Luteal phase bleeding after IVF cycles: comparison between progesterone vaginal gel and intramuscular progesterone and correlation with pregnancy outcomes

Sami Jabara, Kurt Barnhart, Joan C Schertz, Pasquale Patrizio

Vol 6 (2009): 5
Comprehensive assessment of serum estradiol impact on selected physiologic markers observed during in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer cycles

Grace Wing Shan Kong, Lai Ping Cheung, Christopher John Haines, Po Mui Lam

Vol 6 (2009): 4
Perinatal outcomes of vitrified human day-5, day-6 and day-7 blastocyst transfer

Kenichiro Hiraoka, Kaori Hiraoka, Miyuki Miyazaki, Emi Fukunaga, Toshitaka Horiuchi, Tomoyo Kusuda, Shinichiro Okano, Masayuki Kinutani, Kazuo Kinutani

Vol 6 (2009): 3
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome: Current Views on Pathophysiology, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Management

Michael M Alper, Laura Proud Smith, Eric Scott Sills

Vol 6 (2009): 2
Hyperfertility, obesity and stillbirth: New considerations for clinical practice

Louis G Keith, Tawanda Ngorima, Olha M Tsar

Vol 6 (2009): 1
Faircare: A New Direction for Health Care and Policy in Ireland

James Reilly

Vol 5 (2008): 5
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene polymorphisms resulting in suboptimal oocyte maturation: a discussion of folate status, neural tube defects, schizophrenia, and vasculopathy

Piet Hein Jongbloet, André LM Verbeek, Martin den Heijer, Nel Roeleveld

Vol 5 (2008): 4
Estrogen level monitoring in artificial frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles using step-up regime without pituitary suppression: is it necessary?

Zhihong Niu, Yun Feng, Yijuan Sun, Aijun Zhang, Huiqin Zhang

Vol 5 (2008): 3
Embryo Transfer. Allabadia G (ed). Book review

Eric Scott Sills

Vol 5 (2008): 2
Paternal effects on early embryogenesis

Laszlo Nanassy, Douglas T Carrell

Vol 5 (2008): 1
Pregnancy following homologous prepubertal ovarian transplantation in the dog

Jennifer K Pullium, Ross Milner, Gary A Tuma

Vol 4 (2007): 4
Monozygotic multiple gestation following in vitro fertilization: analysis of seven cases from Japan

Atsushi Yanaihara, Takeshi Yorimitsu, Hiroshi Motoyama, Hideaki Watanabe, Toshihiro Kawamura

Vol 4 (2007): 3
Regional clinical practice patterns in reproductive endocrinology: A collaborative transnational pilot survey of in vitro fertilization programs in the Middle East

Eric Scott Sills, Hussein S Qublan, Zeev Blumenfeld, Ahmad V T Dizaj, Ariel Revel, Serdar Coskun, Imad Abou Jaoude, Gamal Serour, Mamdoh Eskandar, Mohammad Ali Khalili, Aygul Demirol, Krinos Trokoudes, Pelin Ocal, Abdul Munaf Sultan, Benjamin A Lotto, Adele El-Kareh

Vol 4 (2007): 2
Deciding the fate of disputed embryos: ethical issues in the case of Natallie Evans

Anna Smajdor

Vol 4 (2007): 1
Serum estradiol/progesterone ratio on day of embryo transfer may predict reproductive outcome following controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and in vitro fertilization

Irmhild Gruber, Alexander Just, Monika Birner, Alexander Lösch

Vol 3 (2006): 6
Clinical applications and limitations of current ovarian stem cell research: a review

Karla J Hutt, David F Albertini

Vol 3 (2006): 5
No advantage of laser-assisted over conventional intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized controlled trial [NCT00114725]

Kevin S Richter, Alana Davis, Jennifer Carter, Stephen J Greenhouse, Gilbert L Mottla, Michael J Tucker

Vol 3 (2006): 4
A proposed mechanism for progesterone regulation of trophoblast MMP2 transcription independent of classical progesterone response elements on its promoter

Shlomit Goldman, Eliezer Shalev

Vol 3 (2006): 3
Stage-variations of anandamide hydrolase activity in the mouse uterus during the natural oestrus cycle

Francesca G Klinger, Natalia Battista, Massimo De Felici, Mauro Maccarrone

Vol 3 (2006): 2
Comparative analysis of follicle morphology and oocyte diameter in four mammalian species (mouse, hamster, pig, and human)

Jeanine Griffin, Benjamin R Emery, Ivan Huang, C Matthew Peterson, Douglas T Carrell