Vol 1, No 2 (2004)

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Impact of seasonal variation, age and smoking status on human semen parameters:

The features of human semen can get affected due to a lot of factors which might either be an environmental factor or the individual lifestyle. But lately there has been increase in the male having the infertility problem and the reason have been observed to be partially due to the changing lifestyle that people are adapting. It has been seen that lifestyle changes such as smoking cigarette, consumption of alcohol, excessive caffeine consumption, using mobiles and last but not the least the body mass index, upon examining has been observed to be affecting the quality of the male semen. The lifestyle factor that has major adverse affect on spermatogenesis is being obese.

However to understand how men chose their lifestyle that have a bad effect on their fertility is not certain and contrary. The semen parameters lack in consistency because of which there is difficulty in obtaining enough power so that the quality of semen can be studied. Apart from variability there are few other things that make it difficult to perform studies on the specimen and comparing them with various studies such as:

  • Data analysis differentiation
  • The subjects on whom the examination has been performed is very less.
  • Notable heterogeneity in the samples provided that were from both fertile male and infertile men.

Performing research about the factors properly and possibly modifying the factors that are affecting might provide satisfaction. Other possible things one can try are treatments that are preventive measures which are cost-effective and take treatments that will cure it. One other thing that you can help the poor quality of the semen is by changing your lifestyle just like Ethereum Code that changes the quality of your trade.

In order to understand the semen parameter and to educate ourselves more there was examination performed on the relationship between the lifestyle modification factor and primary semen parameters as well as between morphology of the sperm and the structure of the sperm chromatin. The main objective of the above examination was to see the semen parameters with respect to body mass index, cigarette smoking, drinking, wearing boxer shorts instead of tight underwear, caffeine consumed, physical activities done during free time, making use of the cell phone and using sauna. There have been a lot of studies performed and one of them suggested a significantly negative relationship between the volume of the semen and increased level of body mass index. The physical activities done during free time were in association with the motile sperm’s percentage.

The Massachusetts General Hospital experience ABSTRACT
Chen Zuying, Linda Godfrey-Bailey, Isaac Schiff, Russ Hauser