Localization of factors controlling

A deletion of the Y chromosome at the distal portion of band q11 was found in 6 men with normal male habitus but with azoospermia.

Azoospermia is a male infertility problem, in where no sperm is found during the ejaculation! Or in other words, the sperm count of the male suffering from azoospermia is very poor that hinders them from impregnating their female partner, unfortunately. The problem is said to be found in at least 5% of the infertile men, where the causes are either problem with the sperm production or the presence of any blockage that prevents sperm from reaching the ejaculate, although the production is healthy.

Although this problem prevents the men from naturally impregnating their respective female partners, fortunately, with medical intervention it can happen successfully. Suitable blood tests, sperm analysis, pellet analysis and much more are carried out to figure out the nature of the problem and accordingly, the specialist can come up with a suitable solution for this infertility condition. Thus, this problem might be curable but, the patient requires not only patience but also enough money as the associated procedures might add burden to the financial situation. If you could avail assistance then, there is no concern but even if you couldn’t a better option in the name of automated forex trading robot such as the HB Swiss is readily available!


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Five of them were found during a survey of 1170 subfertile males while the sixth was karyotyped because of slight bone abnormalities. These findings, together with a review of the literature, suggest that on the distal portion of the nonfluoresecent segment of the long arm of the Y, factors are located controlling spermatogenesis.