Polycystic ovarian syndrome

We conducted a three-dimensional ultrasonographic evaluation of the size and structure of the ovaries of women who had clinical and biochemical findings suggestive of polycystic ovary syndrome. We carried out a comparative color Doppler frequency and color Doppler amplitude study of the vascular patterns of these ovaries. This study involved 65 women of reproductive age with polycystic ovary syndrome and 25 eumenorrheic women who were not taking hormonal contraceptives and who had a body mass index below 25 kg/m2. Compared to controls, women with polycystic ovary syndrome had larger ovaries and thicker stroma, increased impedance in the uterine arteries, increased stromal vascularity with decreased impedance that persisted throughout the menstrual cycle, and a lack of luteal conversion.

PCOD is on the rise in women these days, which is also affecting them from conceiving naturally. Women affected by PCOD will not ovulate regularly, or in other words, will not release the egg regularly and therefore, the conception chance is disrupted here. But, fortunately, with proper treatment, although PCOD might not be completely curable, still the woman can get pregnant, for which the procedures are lengthier and the cost involved is also higher. These treatments might or might not be covered by the respective insurance company and therefore, every woman planning to undergo the set of treatment procedures should also be ready financially.


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