Analysis of Basic Stock Market Order Concepts


With the wide technology development in the stock trading system, investors are very self-sufficient to make their choices, without any mediators. Also to add to this is a special advantage of the online trading approach which is the most opted for by investors.

In this module, there are a number of online trading software known as trading robots which help in making trade an easy and much better experience for anybody. Some of the popular ones are the bitcoin trader, the crypto code, and the Ethereum Code.Having said about this availability of easy technology, there needs mention about what is required from the investor as a factor to keep trading in the market for a long period. This means that he needs to have the basic stock market knowledge and also know well about when to invest when to stop and that’s the entire trick of trading smartly.

One such important concept is the stock order. There are two types of orders which the investor has and they are Market order and Limit orders. Let us get some basic knowledge about both these concepts.

Market Order:

This is a type of order, which can be sold immediately at the current market price. Here the price is not guaranteed but the execution of the order is guaranteed. The price is not exactly the last traded price as the market volatility is high always, there is a continuous change of price.

Therefore this type of an order is famous among individuals who want the immediate execution of their stock in the market.Even though there is a lot of volatility in the market, there is a strong chance of fetching a price close to the ask or bid price.

Limit Order:

This is an order which operates with a limit of execution meaning that a maximum or minimum price of buying and selling have been set. Thus for example, if you buy a stock for 10 dollars, you will not be paying anything more than that when you decide to execute a sale for the same. So keeping an accurate limit on stock value is the ultimate goal of this type of order.

How to decide between orders?

While deciding between the two types of orders, investors must do a comparison and find which is more suitable to them. One thing which is close to this is the added costs entitled to these orders. One such thing is the commission of processing them which is cheaper for market orders and there many more such factors that can be compared. Hence the investor should be clear about the difference between the two and find the best to match his stock proposals.

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