Predictors of IVF outcome by three-dimensional ultrasound

Our study was designed to evaluate whether ovarian antral follicle number, ovarian volume, stromal area and ovarian stromal blood flow are predictive of ovarian response and IVF outcome. A total of 56 women with normal basal serum FSH concentrations who had no history of ovarian surgery, no ovarian and/or uterine pathology, were non-smokers and undergoing their first IVF cycle using a standard long GnRH agonist protocol were examined.

Total ovarian antral follicle number, total ovarian volume, total stromal area and mean flow index (FI) of the ovarian stromal blood flow were determined by three-dimensional (3D) and power Doppler ultrasound after pituitary suppression. Pretreatment 3D ultrasound ovarian measurements were compared with subsequent ovulation induction parameters [peak estradiol (E2) on HCG administration day and number of oocytes] and cycle outcome (fertilization and pregnancy rates).

The total antral follicle number achieved the best predictive value for favourable IVF outcome, followed by ovarian stromal FI, peak E2 on HCG administration day, total ovarian volume, total ovarian stromal area and age. Using these six parameters, we were able to predict a favourable IVF outcome in 50% (11/22) of patients and poor outcome in 85% (29/34) of patients.

Three-dimensional ultrasound facilitates determination of the antral follicle number, ovarian volume calculation, evaluation of the ovarian stroma and analysis of the intensity of ovarian stromal blood flow in a short time without increasing the patient’s discomfort.


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