Expression of mal is associated with urothelial differentiation in vitro


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 Stepping Stone To Cryptocurrency Trading

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We have developed an in vitro urothelial differentiation model. In this model, differentiated urothelial cells assemble desmosomes and E-cadherin at cell-cell junctions and stratify and show antigenic and functional evidence for tight junctions. Using this urothelial differentiation model with the differential display reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (ddRT-PCR), we identified two independently isolated gene fragments that showed near identity with the reported sequence for a human cDNA clone named mal. Differential expression of mal mRNA during urothelial differentiation was confirmed by RT-PCR using two other sets of PCR primers. Furthermore, uncultured urothelial cells from tissues also express mal mRNA, as indicated by RT-PCR. Mal was originally identified in a subtracted cDNA library as a human T-cell differentiation-associated gene and was thought to be T-cell specific. Our results identify mal as a gene also expressed in urothelial cells during differentiation and demonstrate the power of ddRT-PCR for analysis of gene expression under these controlled conditions.

PMID: 9084136 DOI: 10.1046/j.1432-0436.1997.6130177.x
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