Ultrasound screening for congenital uterine anomalies

The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of congenital uterine anomalies in 1046 women attending gynaecological ultrasound clinics for a variety of indications. Using three-dimensional ultrasound, anomalies were found in 55 women (5.4%), including 32 (3.1%) with an arcuate uterus and 23 (2.3%) with major anomalies.

You can trade on the currencies, commodities, shares, bonds and their derivates in the stock market in multiple methods. While the most known and practiced methods involve buying, holding, selling and hedging, there is another type of trading that is gradually making its waves. This is the Contract For Difference method or CFD trading which houses in on the difference between the value of the underlying asset on entering and closing the trade.

Why is it so flexible?

Unlike other forms, you are not investing heavily for the ownership of any assets, but is entering into a contract with the broker on the basis of the price fluctuation of the asset with respect to the concerned position. Therefore, your profit is determined by the extent of this movement instead of buying some assets and then looking on to exceed the cost price to earn a profit.

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Understand how CFD works

It is a bit confusing when it comes to the earning part because you are not actually buying or selling anything and hence, how can you get the returns, at least what will be its currency. The system set here is in such a way that no matter which the underlying asset and the market are where you are active, your returns, be it loss or profit, on closing your position, will be converted into the currency in which you opened your account.

When you earn more here in terms of lower broker margin, cash outlay, higher leverage and return on investment, you can consider CFD trading when you want to play it safe.

The prevalence of uterine anomalies was similar to the findings in women undergoing elective sterilisation, but lower than in studies of women with recurrent miscarriage.

PMID: 9386036
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