The role of three-dimensional ultrasonographic images in ovarian measurement

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To determine whether three-dimensional ultrasonography can increase the ability to evaluate the ovary and follicles, especially in women with polycystic ovary disease (PCOD).

Prospective clinical study.

University hospital endocrine and infertility center.

Sixty-six patients undergoing routine gynecologic evaluation were divided into two groups: the normal control group consisted of 22 patients, and there were 44 patients with PCOD.

Three-dimensional ultrasonography was performed to store and document whole volumes of the ovaries for evaluation.

Three perpendicular planes of bilateral ovaries are rotatable to obtain the largest dimensions. The three-dimensional volume was measured using the trapezoid formula.

The ovaries of the patients with PCOD were larger in size, area, and volume than those of normal controls.

Stroma and volume determinations can be obtained more accurately by three-dimensional images than by traditional ultrasonography. Three-dimensional ultrasonography not only facilitates noninvasive evaluation and volume calculation but also completes the examination in a short time without increasing patient discomfort.

PMID: 9627309
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